New ATTC location in the vicinity of Frankfurt airport

New ATTC premises near Frankfurt airport

The Frankfurt seminar takes place in the new premises in the vicinity of the Rhein/Main airport. The large training centre where potential students for the entrance tests of the aeronautical professions are prepared is situated in an almost 300 sqm. large building which is to be found just opposite the Lufthansa LSG Sky Chefs in Neu-Isenburg.

DLR-Test-Training with individual training groups

The calm and agreeable atmosphere plays an important role in producing a pleasant preparation for the examination especially for the DLR-test training where the groups are of only up to 4 participants. The necessity of a job entrance test for aeronautical professions is very high at present. At the ATTC training centres currently 5 trainers are committed to offer an individual service to the seminar participants.

In good company at the Rhein/Main-Airport

The new location offers, besides the geographically nearness more atmospheric closeness to the Frankfurt airport and many directly connected companies with the Rhein/Main airport and the aeronautics, e.g. Jeppesen is situated in Neu Isenburg; just opposite ATTC you find the catering company of Lufthansa "LSG Sky Chefs".

Modern and bright offices with a suitable partition for the ATTC-training are available for a pleasant coaching. The new location is to be reached conveniently with public transport, ample free parking space is available by the building and many hotels are located near the ATTC training centre for the foreign participants.

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