Although the training software is indispensable as a medium to attain the standard expected for the examination it cannot be considered as sufficient.

Example DLR-Test.

The question of whether one has to prepare for a test like DLR-Test will not be posed by a serious applicant nowadays with regard to a postion in the cockpit. The question is rather „how“ can one prepare optimally or in other words target-oriented for this uncontestable and modern but unfortunately still not repeatable entrance test. There are indeed numerous possibilities offered for a Lufthansa or DFS applicant: from pure software training to dubious providers of psycho seminars there is a vast palette of options available in the free market.

We’ll take a look at the pure software-training:

Free-Downloads or commercial software: in the meantime diverse programmes have been circulating in various forms on the „world wide web“ and DLR itself has published only a very few modules on the net, and naturally they are not current material and after all definitely incomplete.


Easily reachable, but to increase the chances of passing the DLR test is less suitable as in reality these things are available to everyone. Very often such freely available modules are incomplete. As a result the important multiple choice tests of the DLR programmes are completely avoided. To what extent can these general materials and therewith freely accessible training material increase the individual chances in the examination.

In the same manner the question arises as to how current and original are the software programmes which were developed at sometime in the past. How can one fill the gaps in the general subjects such as mathematics, physics and english? Who will assist the candidates with their individual weaknesses or when they are faced with a question and cannot find an answer themselves.

Software programmes as a training accompaniment or as an appropriate medium for the preparation and revision of the personal lessons inarguably have their advantages. Requirements are however the maximum topicality and functionality. They should be interpreted as training(!) software, i.e. they should be suitable to improve the individual performance level. It is not sufficient to "get to know" a couple of exercises. And, it is important to note in this regard that they will never be sufficient for individual examination preparation.

The ATTC software is complete, i.e. it contains the known tests and exercises of respective procedures, naturally also all the modules for the multiple choice exercises in the respective subjects and it is the latest known version. If they wish, our students can receive a comprehensive and complete software package already before the beginning of the seminar and will receive the essential updates till they have finished the relevant examination.

Subject topicality:

A continuous updating process is carried out in the ATTC software. We consult a responsible expert for every area of the text editing process who is then in charge of each updating.

It should be remembered that in our view only a combination of seminar and software training can guarantee the necessary DLR examination confidence. Even when our students are well supported in many of the original DLR questions in the subjects of mathematics, physics and english, corresponding professional class lessons are indispensable.

In the same manner this applies to tasks such as multiple choice or similar. Here as well it is not sufficient when the test person tries to improve his performance by doing the same exercise through monotonous repetition. Many a times it is even here required to draw on the personal support of a trainer in a seminar to increase the passing chances of the examination, e.g. by understanding the corresponding exercise instructions etc.

- ATTC Online-Training-Sector -

In the preparation for the psychological part of the examination of the company qualification, or rather the assessment, in any event the section of the seminar has naturally a higher standard than the training for the DLR selection procedure.

Of course our students are happy to see the same tasks and questions at the DLR test and when they have less complications with the rest of the test series and exercises. The happiness they get on successful passing of the DLR examination however, make you forget the sweat you shed on preparing for it, as it is not a few people who have to work hard to get through the examination.

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