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The DLR-Test for pilots

The DLR-Test is considered on the one hand as one of the most demanding methods of employment entrance that exists. On the other hand one must also not forget the most well-known test of the Hamburger psychologist. One can prepare for the comprehensive and target-oriented DLR-Test with the backing of a sound training.

The DLR-Test for pilots consists of 2 parts; the “basic job analysis” BU / GU (Berufsgrunduntersuchung) and the ”company qualification” FQ / FU (Firmenqualifikation). Within the BU the knowledge in subjects such as mathematics, physics and English is tested. In addition, there are some test papers for the purpose of checking the senso-motor function, multitasking, audio and visual multitasking, spatial sense etc. which should have been passed as well as the so called psychological questionnaires 16-PF to be filled out. In the meantime the expected standard of physics must be considered as very challenging.

One reason for the very high ATTC test-success quota in various test methods is due to the fact that through repetitive participation in one of the qualification seminars, the students have the possibility to train intensively and as a result the improvement of individual performance level is very high.

When training for the BU / GU the 3-stage plan of ATTC has proved to be particularly target-oriented:

Stage 1: before the beginning of the seminar

Together with the innovative original training modules a comprehensive and effective software package is available to the applicants already before the beginning of the seminar.

Stage 2: Seminar entrance within an entry week

After passing a DLR entrance test and an individual performance analysis you will be referred to the respective exercises of the current procedure in DLR. In the entry week the lecturers are focused on the following subjects: mathematics, physics, English and psychology. Furthermore the original questions will be tackled in a classroom form in detail.

Stage 3: Software-Training at home and repeat week(s)

Training will be carried out according to an individual training plan which will be combined with software and seminar training. In the repeat training sessions, there is an intensive training session after an analysis of the current level of training. This training will continue till the students are ready for the ATTC-examination. The repeat-training takes place after the finalisation of the ATTC entry week; it is free of charge for the ATTC students provided it is within the range of the respective course booked. This can be repeated as often as you wish till the examination.

The date of examination for the FQ /FU is approx. 4 to 8 weeks after the successful completion of BU / GU

On successful completion of the BU, you will receive an invitation after 4 to 8 weeks for the FQ / FU. During the FQ / FU the psychological profile of the applicants will be checked: team orientation, working under stress, conflict resolution and review of psychology are the typical content of a DLR examination. In addition, a screening will be carried out on a simulator.

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